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Rho/ROCK mechanosensor in adipocyte stiffness and traction force generation.
Authors Bouzid T, Esfahani AM, Safa BT, Kim E, Saraswathi V, Kim JK, Yang R, Lim JY
Submitted By Submitted Externally on 6/21/2022
Status Published
Journal Biochemical and biophysical research communications
Year 2022
Date Published 5/1/2022
Volume : Pages 606 : 42 - 48
PubMed Reference 35339750
Abstract It is increasingly recognized that interaction of adipose cells with
extracellular mechanophysical milieus may play a role in regulating adipogenesis
and differentiated adipocyte function and such interaction can be mediated by
the mechanics of adipose cells. We measured the stiffness and traction force of
adipose cells and examined the role of Rho/ROCK, the upstream effector of actin
cytoskeletal contractility, in affecting these mechanical properties. Cellular
Young's modulus obtained from atomic force microscopy (AFM) was significantly
reduced by ROCK inhibitor (Y-27632) but elevated by Rho activator (CN01), for
both preadipocytes and differentiated adipocytes. Immunofluorescent imaging
suggested this could be attributed to the changes in Rho/ROCK-induced stressed
actin filament formation. AFM also confirmed that differentiated adipocytes had
higher stiffness than preadipocytes. On the other hand, traction force
microscopy (TFM) revealed differentiated adipocytes exerted lower traction
forces than preadipocytes. Traction forces of both preadipocytes and adipocytes
were decreased by ROCK inhibition, but not significantly altered by Rho
activation. Notably, an increasing trend of traction force with respect to cell
spreading area was detected, and this trend was substantially amplified by Rho
activation. Such traction force-cell area correlation was an order-of-magnitude
smaller for differentiated adipocytes relative to preadipocytes, potentially due
to disrupted force transmission through cytoskeleton-focal adhesion linkage by
lipid droplets. Our work provides new data evidencing the Rho/ROCK control in
adipose cell mechanics, laying the groundwork for adipocyte mechanotransduction
studies on adipogenesis and adipose tissue remodeling.


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