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SOX10 and GATA3 in Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma and Polymorphous Adenocarcinoma.
Authors Adkins BD, Geromes A, Zhang LY, Chernock R, Kimmelshue K, Lewis J, Ely K
Submitted By Submitted Externally on 6/24/2019
Status Published
Journal Head and neck pathology
Year 2019
Date Published 6/1/2019
Volume : Pages Not Specified : Not Specified
PubMed Reference 31222589
Abstract Differentiating between adenoid cystic carcinoma (AdCC) and polymorphous
adenocarcinoma (PAC) can be difficult on small biopsies and cytologic specimens.
As such, further characterization of their immunophenotype may aid in
distinction. Previous studies have found AdCC to be SOX10+/GATA3 variable and
PAC to be GATA3 negative. SOX10 expression in PAC has, as yet, not been
established. We performed GATA3 and SOX10 immunohistochemistry on whole sections
of 25 cases each of AdCC and PAC (including both classic PAC and the cribriform
variant) to assess whether these markers are of diagnostic utility in
distinguishing between these entities. SOX10 was found to be positive in 100% of
PAC and AdCC whereas GATA 3 was immunoreactive in 45% of AdCCs and 20% of PAC.
While this is the first series to compare SOX10 and GATA3 staining in these two
tumor types, their frequent expression and similar staining patterns render them
of limited value in discriminating between these neoplasms.


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