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Substrate Elasticity Governs Differentiation of Renal Tubule Cells in Prolonged
Authors Love HD, Ao M, Jorgensen S, Swearingen L, Ferrell N, Evans R, Gewin L, Harris
RC, Zent R, Roy S, Fissell WH
Submitted By Submitted Externally on 8/6/2019
Status Published
Journal Tissue engineering. Part A
Year 2019
Date Published 7/1/2019
Volume : Pages 25 : 1013 - 1022
PubMed Reference 30484388
Abstract Successful clinical tissue engineering requires functional fidelity of the
cultured cell to its in vivo counterpart, but this has been elusive in renal
tissue engineering. Typically, renal proximal tubule cells in culture have a
flattened morphology and do not express key transporters essential to their
function. In this article, we show for the first time that in vitro substrate
mechanical properties dictate differentiation of cultured renal proximal tubule
cells. Remarkably, this effect was only discernable after 4 weeks in culture,
longer than usually reported for this cell type. These results demonstrate a new
tunable parameter to optimize cell differentiation in renal tissue engineering.


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