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Welcome to the National Mouse Metabolic Phenotyping Centers

The MMPC is a National Institutes of Health-sponsored resource that provides experimental testing services to scientists studying diabetes, obesity, diabetic complications, and other metabolic diseases in mice.
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In order to streamline the order process, the MMPC’s have now adopted an electronic Conditions of Use statement
procedure to replace the Materials and Transfer Agreement paper process
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New Publications

Insulin-regulated serine and lipid metabolism drive peripheral neuropathy.
Authors: Handzlik MK, Gengatharan JM, Frizzi KE, McGregor GH, Martino C, Rahman G, Gonzalez A, Moreno AM, Green CR, Guernsey LS, Lin T, Tseng P, Ideguchi Y, Fallon RJ, Chaix A, Panda S, Mali P, Wallace M, Knight R, Gantner ML, Calcutt NA, Metallo CM
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Intestinal distension orchestrates neuronal activity in the enteric nervous system of adult mice.
Authors: Cavin JB, Wongkrasant P, Glover JB, Balemba OB, MacNaughton WK, Sharkey KA
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Deletion of Androgen Receptor in LepRb Cells Improves Estrous Cycles in Prenatally Androgenized Mice.
Authors: Cara AL, Burger LL, Beekly BG, Allen SJ, Henson EL, Auchus RJ, Myers MG, Moenter SM, Elias CF
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Growth hormone treatment does not augment the anti-diabetic effects of liraglutide in UCD-T2DM rats.
Authors: Swarbrick MM, Cox CL, Graham JL, Knudsen LB, Stanhope K, Raun K, Havel PJ
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Altered chronic glycemic control in a clinically relevant model of rat thoracic spinal contusion.
Authors: Harris KK, Welch BA, Smith AM, Pride Y, Grayson BE
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