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Vanderbilt University School of Medicine

Description Tests for insulin resistance and glucose metabolism, heart and kidney function
as well as energy balance and feeding studies.
Director / Email David Wasserman, Ph.D. -
General Contact
Grant Number DK135073
RRID SCR_015374 (Cite This)

Center Cores:

 Center CoreCore DescriptionRRID

Center: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine; Director: David Wasserman, Ph.D.

 Metabolic Regulation CoreThe Metabolic Regulation Core conducts these major tests: vein/artery cannulations, glucose and insulin clamps in conscious unstressed mice, glucose tolerance test, tissue specific glucose/fatty acid uptake, gluconeogenesis/glycogenolysis, metabolic flux analysis, optical imaging of gene expression/cellular events, isolation of pancreatic islets /insulin secretion.SCR_015377
 Cardiovascular PathophysiologyThe Cardiovascular Pathophysiology and Complications Core conducts these major tests: morphology and histology, echocardiography, electrocardiography, blood pressure, vascular morphology, renal function, metabolic panel in state-of-the-art facilities.SCR_015353
 Analytical Resources CoreThe Analytical Resources Core performs these major tests: plasma hormones, amino acids, lipids and lipoproteins, pathology and immunohistochemistry.SCR_015379
 Body Weight Regulation CoreThe Body Weight Regulation Core conducts these major tests: mouse models of bariatric surgery, indirect calorimetry, exercise, mitochondrial function, body composition, food consumption, telemetry, body temperature.SCR_015364


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