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Center: Vanderbilt University School of Medicine


Core: Analytical Resources Core

107 Insulin

Price: $9.49/sample
108 Glucagon

Price: $8.04/sample
109 Corticosterone

Price: $25.75/sample
110 Catecholamines

Price: $10.75/sample
111 Leptin

Price: $16.33/sample
112 C-Peptide

Price: $38.56/sample
113 Growth Hormone (GH)

Price: $33.29/sample
115 TSH

Price: Consult with Director/Kit is available
116 PRL (prolactin)

Price: Consult with Director/Kit is available
117 ACTH

Price: $37.25/sample
118 Insulin-like growth hormone-1 (IGF-1)

Price: Consult with Director/Kit is available
237 Aldosterone

Price: $19.57/sample
238 Resistin

Price: Consult with Director/Kit is available
239 Adiponectin

Price: Consult with Director/Kit is available
240 Estradiol

Price: $39.16/sample
241 Testosterone or Progesterone

Price: $15.61/sample
121 Plasma lipids

Price: $9.60-Triglycerides; $9.60-Cholesterol; $9.60 HDL Cholesterol; $12.00
Enzymatic Free Fatty Acid Assay (FFA)
576 Lipid extraction, separation, quantification

Price: $14.40-Cholesterol; $14.40-Diglyceride; $14.40-Free Fatty Acid (FFA);
$14.40- Phospholipid; $14.40-Triglyceride; $14.40-FFA by GC
123 Fatty acid profiles of lipid esters by gas liquid chromatography

Price: Consult with Director
124 Quantitation of individual phospholipid classes

Price: Consult with Director
125 Short chain fatty acid analysis by gas liquid chromatography

Price: Consult with Director
126 Fast Protein Liquid Chromatographic (FPLC) Lipoproteins Separations

Price: $104.40/sample
128 Morphometric determinations (aorta)

Price: Consult with Director
129 Gross examinations and necropsy

Price: Consult with Director
130 Tissue preparation, embedding, sectioning and routine staining

Price: Consult with Director
131 Tissue microdissection

Price: Consult with Director
132 Screen/optimize immunohistochemical protocols for mouse-specific commercial and 
 custom-designed antisera

Price: Consult with Director
5 Amino Acids - Full and Select Profiles (e.g. gluconeogenic) (HPLC)

Price: $38.22/sample
134 Specific selected amino acid profiles

Price: $30.71/sample
136 Specific activities for gluconeogenic and glycogenic assessment

Price: $94.80-UDPG; $91.92-PEP
591 Ghrelin - Active (RIA)

Price: $35.36/sample
592 Ghrelin - Total (RIA)

Price: $35.36/sample
593 Glucose (Enzymatic)

Price: $5.41/sample
594 Progesterone (RIA)

Price: $15.61/sample
595 Purine Nucleotides (HPLC)

Price: $79.82/sample
596 T3 (RIA)

Price: $36.26/sample
597 T4 (RIA)

Price: $36.27/samples
598 Luminex Assays

Price: First plex $38.56; Additional plex $7.20; Luminex use fee (per plate)
614 Acetaminophen

Price: $32.21
615 Cortisol - Plasma

Price: $9.04/per sample
616 Cortisol - Salivary

Price: $12.14/per sample
617 Creatinine

Price: $139.39/per sample
618 PYY - Active

Price: $17.20
619 PYY - Total

Price: $17.20/per sample

Core: Body Weight Regulation Core

91 Indirect calorimetry / energy expenditure in the Promethion

Price: $67.20
93 Spontaneous exercise activity

Price: Consult with Director
94 Food Consumption

Price: $4.20/day
95 Exploratory locomotor activity

Price: Consult with Director
620 Bariatric Surgery (Roux-en-Y, VSG, biopancreatic diversion, and sham controls)

Price: $133/per surgery
628 Body Composition Analysis by NMR

Price: $12.00/each

Core: Cardiovascular Pathophysiology

98 In vitro Morphology, Morphometrics and Histology (isolated heart)

Price: Consult with Director
99 Echocardiography, in vivo morphology, systolic and diastolic function; Stress 

Price: $27.60 low resolution; $72.00 high resolution using VEVO 2100
100 Electrocardiography and telemetry ($22.80/more than 14 days)

Price: $45.60
101 Blood pressure measurements

Price: Tail-cuff Plethysmography-$8.40; Carotid Catheterization-$81.60; Carotid
and jugular vein catheterization-$129.60; Telemetry-$344.40
103 Vascular morphology

Price: Consult with Director
106 Tail vein injections

Price: $7.20
243 Myocardial infarction

Price: $72.00
244 Myocardial ischemia reperfusion

Price: $60.00
245 Transverse aortic constriction

Price: $72.00
246 GFR-FITC-Inulin; HPLC Cr

Price: Consult with Director
248 Renal Blood Flow (Doppler)

Price: Consult with Director
249 Urine Na/K

Price: Consult with Director
250 Osmometer Plasma/Urine

Price: Consult with Director
251 Urine Ca/Phosphorus Excretion

Price: Consult with Director
252 Urine pH

Price: Consult with Director

Core: Metabolic Regulation Core

323 Cerebral Ventricle Cannulation

Price: Consult with Director
324 Jugular Vein or Carotid Artery Catheterization

Price: Consult with Director
79 Cannulation of cerebral ventricle

Price: $96/per surgery
80 Jugular vein and carotid artery catheterization

Price: $129.60
82 Glucose Tolerance Test (Oral, i.p., Intravenous, or gastric catheter)

Price: Consult with Director
83 Glucose turnover

Price: Consult with Director
84 Hyperinsulinemic clamp

Price: $536 with [3-3H] glucose and [14C] deoxyglucose (includes surgery and
85 Hyperglycemic clamp

Price: $531 (includes surgery, insulin + c-peptide measurements and analysis)
86 Gluconeogenesis & glycogenolysis (from hepatic 14C-UDPglucose and PEP)

Price: Consult with Director
87 Glycogen synthesis

Price: Consult with Director
88 Amino acid kinetics

Price: Consult with Director
89 Tissue specific glucose uptake

Price: Consult with Director
90 Tissue specific fatty acid uptake

Price: Consult with Director
92 Exercise capacity/Exercise Stress Test (metabolic response to exercise)

Price: $57.60
96 Assess real time imaging of cellular metabolic events

Price: Consult with Director
97 In vivo optical imaging of gene expression

Price: Consult with Director
242 Direct jugular vein injection and blood sampling

Price: $13.20
247 Albuminuria

Price: $15.60
253 Glycemic Control using Minimed

Price: Consult with Director
322 Personnel Training

Price: Consult with Director

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    • Vanderbilt University School of Medicine
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