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Circulating lipid levels of germ-free mice fed HFD and treated with CLOSPO_02757
KO Clostridium sporogenes
Summary Data Summary
Investigator Fischbach, Michael
Description The age of mice are under 18 weeks and all mice were given high fat diet
starting 12 weeks. The mice have adlib access to food and water. All the mice
(germ-free) were gavaged with a gut bacteria Clostridium sporogenes. The KO
strain is a mutant of C.sporogenes with a KO of CLOSPO_02757 and is incapable of
metabolizing branched chain amino acids. All the mice were fasted for 6 hrs and
a glucose tolerance test was performed before sac. The plasma was collected via
cardiac puncture and stabilized with EDTA. The mice were sacrified by carbon

Applicable research area(s): Diabetes, Metabolism
Status Completed
Public Release 12/1/2019
Animal Age Measured In: week(s) post-natal (w)
Flags has-data-flagSame StrainAnimal Count
Data Analysis
Experimental Conditions7
Catalog Items7
Curation Info (# flags)2
Phenotype Assays5
Phenotype Measurements40
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Strain NameCommon NameFemalesMalesUnknown
Swiss Webster

Experimental Factors
 Categorical Values
Name / AbbreviationDescription

Experimental Factor: Bacteria Delivery Route

Gavage refers to supplying a substance by means of a small plastic feeding tube passed through the nose (nasogastric) or mouth (orogastric) into the stomach.

Experimental Factor: Bacteria Introduced

Gram-positive bacteria of the genus Clostridium
 C.sporogenes CLOSPO_02757 KO
Gram-positive bacteria of the genus Clostridium with knockout of CLOSPO_02757

Experimental Factor: Experimental Group

This animal belongs to the control group for the experiment.
This animal belongs to experimental group that is homozygous for gene manipulations.

Experimental Factor: Fast Duration (hr)

 fast duration
Length of time the animal was fasted

Experimental Factor: Feeding Group

Animals are deprived of food but not water.

Experimental Factor: Mouse Diet

 Teklad - 88137
Harlan Teklad TD.88137 (Western Diet)

Experimental Factor: Tissue Source

 plasma (EDTA)
plasma (EDTA)

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