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Adaptive and maladaptive roles of lipid droplets in health and disease.
Authors Pressly JD, Gurumani MZ, Varona Santos JT, Fornoni A, Merscher S, Al-Ali H
Submitted By Submitted Externally on 3/9/2022
Status Published
Journal American journal of physiology. Cell physiology
Year 2022
Date Published 2/1/2022
Volume : Pages Not Specified : Not Specified
PubMed Reference 35108119
Abstract Advances in the understanding of lipid droplet biology have revealed essential
roles for these organelles in mediating proper cellular homeostasis and stress
response. Lipid droplets were initially thought to play a passive role in energy
storage. However, recent studies demonstrate that they have substantially
broader functions, including protection from reactive oxygen species,
endoplasmic reticulum stress, and lipotoxicity. Dysregulation of lipid droplet
homeostasis is associated with various pathologies spanning neurological,
metabolic, cardiovascular, oncological, and renal diseases. This review provides
an overview of the current understanding of lipid droplet biology in both health
and disease.


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