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A Comparison of the Efficacy and Cardiopulmonary Effects of 3 Different Sedation
Protocols in Otolemur garnettii.
Authors Finnie KR, Jones CP, Dupont WD, Salleng KJ, Shuster KA
Submitted By Submitted Externally on 11/10/2020
Status Published
Journal Journal of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science : JAALAS
Year 2020
Date Published 9/1/2020
Volume : Pages 59 : 557 - 566
PubMed Reference 32693866
Abstract The Northern greater galago (Otolemur garnettii) is a prosimian primate most
commonly used to study the evolutionary development of vision and
somatosensation. This study aimed to investigate the efficacy and
cardiopulmonary effects of 3 sedation protocols commonly used in other primate
species: 1) alfaxalone (Alf; 8 mg/kg IM) 2) ketamine alone (Ket; 20 mg/kg IM)
and 3) ketamine + dexmedetomidine (Ket+Dex; 4 mg/kg + 25 µg/kg IM) with reversal
(atipamezole; 250 µg/kg IM). A total of 34 animals were evaluated, including 11
juveniles and 23 adults. Cardiopulmonary parameters such as indirect blood
pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and SpO2 were measured, and blood was
collected for blood gas analysis and a chemistry panel. To examine the efficacy
of each sedation protocol, induction time, immobilization time, and recovery
time were recorded. Subjective measures of quality and efficacy included quality
of induction, pedal withdrawal reflex, palpebral reflex, muscle tension, rectal
temperature, and quality of recovery. All 3 protocols successfully immobilized
the animals and all animals recovered from sedation. Heart rates were highest
among the Ket group and the lowest for the Ket+Dex group. On average, the Alf
group was immobilized for twice as long as either the Ket or Ket+Dex groups. The
Ket+Dex group had the fastest average recovery time and subjectively had the
best quality of recovery. Based on these results, Ket+Dex is recommended over
Alf or Ket alone for brief sedation of healthy galagos.


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