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Circulating cytokine levels in B6 mice treated with LPS and JQ1
Summary Data Summary
Investigator Haudenschild, Dominik
Description Quantify serum markers of systemic inflammation upon treatment with one dose of
4ug of LPS with or without treatment with JQ1

The present study relates to the use of cyclin-dependent kinase 9 (CDK9)
inhibitors to reduce, inhibit and/or prevent cartilage degradation. CDK9
inhibitors can be used to reduce, inhibit and/or prevent cartilage degradation
and loss of cartilage viability during allograft storage. CDK9 inhibitors can be
used as a post-injury intervention treatment to reduce, inhibit and/or prevent
the acute cellular responses that lead to future cartilage degradation and
Status Completed
Public Release 2/26/2019
Animal Age Measured In: week(s) post-natal (w)
Flags has-data-flagSame StrainMetadataAnimal CountExperiment Description
Data Analysis
Experimental Conditions10
Catalog Items1
Curation Info (# flags)4
Phenotype Assays5
Phenotype Measurements420
Histology Images0


Strain NameCommon NameFemalesMalesUnknown

Experimental Factors
 Name / AbbreviationDescription

Experimental Factor: Drug Administered

JQ1 is a thienotriazolodiazepine and a potent inhibitor of the BET family of bromodomain proteins
Lipopolysaccharide - induces bacterial infection
 No Drug/Treatment
No Drug or Treatment done on these samples

Experimental Factor: Drug Dose (AU)

 Drug Dose
A numerical value indicating the dose of a drug administered. The unit of measure is indicated in the Drug Dose Units categorical value that accompanies this experimental condition.

Experimental Factor: Drug Dose Units

 µg once
micrograms one dose
 mg/kg once
milligrams per kilogram one dose

Experimental Factor: Drug Injection Time (hr)

The time a drug was injected into the animal. Negative values indicate the time the sample was measured before a drug was injected. A positive value indicates the time the sample was measured after a drug was injected.

Experimental Factor: Experimental Group

This animal belongs to the control group for the experiment.
This animal belongs to experimental group that is homozygous for gene manipulations.

Experimental Factor: Fast Duration (hr)

 fast duration
Length of time the animal was fasted

Experimental Factor: Feeding Group

Animals are allowed to have food.

Experimental Factor: Mouse Diet

 LabDiet 5001
crude protein (23.0%), crude fat (4.5%), crude fiber (6.0%), Ash (< 8.0%), minerals (2.5%)

Experimental Factor: Time Sample Taken (min)

 Time Sample Taken
Time in minutes since a sample was taken

Experimental Factor: Tissue Source


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